Why don’t Earth Forever?

Today is Earth Day. It’s just a day. One day to celebrate the Earth when we should feel grateful every single day of our lives.Why don’t thank Mother Nature every morning as we breathe the fresh air, taking a glimpse at the blue sky? Why don’t appreciate the refreshing breeze we are given out by […]

Short Stories

The Chestnuts

There was a steamy chamomile tea seated by the window. ‘A loose-leaf tea has to be for me to drink’, Tim used to say to people back home. Although, he wasn’t currently at home, so he didn’t say anything. Thus far, all he could do was speak with his mind, while he observed the enormous […]



How lovely it is when you can link a song to a place The future’s for discovering the space in which we’re traveling—Square One Coldplay’s X&Y album, for me, is linked to a special location in the south of Argentina: La Patagonia. A place where the sky expands behind the high mountains, as these connect with […]