Short Stories

The Chestnuts

There was a steamy chamomile tea seated by the window. ‘A loose-leaf tea has to be for me to drink’, Tim used to say to people back home. Although, he wasn’t currently at home, so he didn’t say anything. Thus far, all he could do was speak with his mind, while he observed the enormous Chestnut tree rising towards the heavens, outside the dining room large window. The leaves were almost static, for there was no gentle wind to blow them.

Tim was probably waiting for something to happen. Maybe some arms and legs will grow from inside the tree, so it could finally move. Perhaps, a vessel will appear floating on the lake, being chased by a pirate ship. At least a few clouds could show up behind the mountains, so he could tell if this was just a dream.

‘Would it be so bad if I am here for real?’

This is a story from Noua Omenire. A place I will discover with time, as, hopefully, Tim will do, as well. Visit the Homepage & the Who Am I? section on the menu to get a closer look into this world! Thank you for reading.

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