Why don’t Earth Forever?

Today is Earth Day. It’s just a day. One day to celebrate the Earth when we should feel grateful every single day of our lives.
Why don’t thank Mother Nature every morning as we breathe the fresh air, taking a glimpse at the blue sky? Why don’t appreciate the refreshing breeze we are given out by the shadow of a tree on a hot day of summer or the warm hug received by the sunlight on a winter morning? Why don’t laugh with tenderness at the amusing squirrels, as they run jumping from one branch to another of those big trees outside our window, or those ancient trees that remain upright in our local park?

The Earth had given us a home, welcoming us many years ago with love, kindness and honesty. But I am afraid to say that we betrayed her trust.

Nowadays, the world is such a complex system. But rather tiny compared to the universe. So, who do we think we are to treat our loving and hospitable guardian the way we do?

From Me to Nature:

Long walks in the company of the trees
Looking up, witnessing the gentle touch between the leaves
Smiling at the tangled branches
And being kissed by the glorious air.

Wandering around the grove
I no longer feel lost
In the immensity of Nature
I find an honest guide.
I have discovered the answers to questions
That the City kept concealed.

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