Do you remember Christmas?

That time of joy, lights, love, snow. A time of kindness, family, friendship, gathering.

Do you remember the excitement on the streets, the shops looking happier than ever, a sense of hope and change in the air?

Do you remember that Christmas when we went for a walk outside in the cold and snowy neighbourhood? We were walking under the moonlight. The stars were brighter than the day before and the weather colder than the previous year. So you took my hands in yours and told me “everything will be fine”. And that made me smile. Then, you took a look at the sky and compared me with the brightest star, but said you couldn’t see any resemblance, for I was all the light you could see.

I do remember Christmas. Although, far away in the distance, as if it was a blurry memory. One that makes me particularly sad and nostalgic.

Oh, what a crying shame! Why can’t we hold on to certain moments and put the bad memories aside?

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