To Humanity

I had already forgotten how many days I woke up to my bedroom window to discover a white mantle of countless clouds hiding the sunlight that we longed for so long. But when we have hope, we know that in the face of any uncomfortable situation in which we feel nervous—or even scared—, wise words arise in our minds and whisper in our ears: “This too shall pass”. And it did.
Four small cocoons of daffodils sprouted before my window in Surrey, a few days ago; a clear sign that winter is bidding farewell, the days are getting warmer and more welcoming, and spring is heading to embrace us. That same morning, before I opened my window to the pleasant surprise that the sky was no longer hiding under its pale cloak, I felt a marvellous scent of summer, which transported me to those months in Buenos Aires without classes when days were longer and I could feel the touch of sunlight on my skin— warm like the embrace of a loved one.
Today the cocoons bloomed to be kissed by the touch of the sun, which no longer hides under the heavy cloak. The cloak that seemed to carry endless litres of rain and threatened us to carry our umbrellas wherever we went. At that moment, it seemed that winter would never depart, and it felt like it was trying to warn us that something was coming. And eventually—before the cocoons dared to sprout—something came.
Murmurs, whispers, uncertainty came. They advised us to stay away, to allow things to settle. Thus the days went by, and the cloak disappeared. Until one day, the blue sky extended over the land, exposing the sun. It felt like the hug we needed after so much tension. The hug that gives us hope every day.
Those four cocoons that became flowers whispered in my ears: “This too shall pass”. I trust them. Because there will always be a heavy cloak creating uncertainty, still the sun is always on the other side, waiting till the sky is clear.

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