I wonder

Is there anybody out there?

I am not going to talk about Pink Floyd’s album—nor song—, albeit The Wall have always caught my special attention. I, myself, have been adding bricks and creating a wall in front of me to hide away from the World.
Although, in my head, this “safe place” wasn’t exactly covered by a wall, but hidden behind thousands of locked doors—figuratively speaking. Somewhere to stay away, and safe, from real life. And now, here I am: sharing this little space that I dare to call home, where I don’t feel a stranger, where I don’t feel lost.

Honestly, it didn’t feel right to welcome you to my site with a simple “Hello” post, at least not without sharing my point of view on the current situation we are facing as humanity. So, I am about to name the C-word. A word that is known by, probably, the whole planet Earth. A word that is not selective and doesn’t discriminate. Here it is, for the very first time on our website: The Coronavirus!

It was January or February, and I was walking around Borough Market with my siblings on a cold morning when one of them—can’t remember if my brother or my sister—mentioned the bat soup’s rumour. The conversation went on for a little while, and then we forgot about it—just for the day.

After that day, weeks went by and rumours became facts. Uncertainty was the main factor in our lives, but with the time I went through different states of mind: from annoyance to concern, to fear, to annoyance once again, to doubt, and finally—something to emphasise—I found hope along the way. I have mastered to see this situation with different eyes, from a more healthy perspective.

Terrible things are happening, but I have seen humanity working shoulder to shoulder in these past few months and I was able to behold a New Humanity arising: Noua Omenire.

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