A perspective on Corona

Once upon a time in history, we were able to not only walk through crowded markets but to take the liberty to eat with our hands without the worry of condemning humanity to death.
We walked around bumping into strangers, chatting with each other less than two meters away, and we didn’t think about washing our hands every twenty minutes — or at least every time we touched something that we had no record of where it had been.
That reality seems to be part of a parallel world. Where not only did we not have incredibly detailed health issues in mind, but we did not think as often how badly we were doing to our planet.
Today the streets are deserted, the markets and shops closed, and transportation does not know the rush hour. The water seems crystal clear, the birds sing a new song and the flowers wake up and dare to emerge from their cocoons without thinking twice if it is really worth it.
We—the ones who walked the streets of our city uncountable times, the ones who travelled to get somewhere without paying attention to what surrounded us, the ones who made plans to keep ourselves busy—must walk away after the damage we caused. We must look at it from another perspective and do some philosophy.
What do we have to learn?
What is happening and why?
What do we overvalue and what do we detract from?
We were presented with a valuable chance to start again, or to, at least, learn how to think again: slow down, wait, watch and reflect on it a little more before carrying on.

4 replies on “A perspective on Corona”

I do hope we can learn from this experience, but I suspect industry and trade will be very eager to get straight back to it when lock down eases. Lovely to hear the birds more, though, to see wildlife returning


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